Achieving a dream

The last time I wrote anything properly I was bemoaning my lack of energy, and the loss of my enthusiasm for riding bikes. Most of the 2017-18 winter was spent in a similar way – resting, in the hope my energy would come back. I had shingles, a broken wisdom tooth removed, and treatment for anaemia. I started taking serious steps to buying a horse and was impatiently waiting for a stable to become free at my favourite yard.

And then suddenly, in the first week of April, I bought a horse! I’ve spent the last year learning to ride him, and get into a whole different life. Although I’m a competent rider, he’s very different to any of the horses I had ridden before so it’s taken some adjustment in my riding. And having never owned a horse before, once the dream became a reality I suddenly realised I’d never dreamed past the ‘buy horse’ stage. What should I do with him? Up until a couple of weeks ago he wouldn’t go into my trailer, so we couldn’t go anywhere, but I’ve fixed that, thanks to the Horse Psychology course run by Kelly Marks of Intelligent Horsemanship. So we finally went to our first show together last weekend, and did a round of showjumping. It didn’t go great but I got a rosette as there were only 2 entries in my class! I was really pleased with myself, as I’ve been really worried about going to a show, but we did it!

At the Readyfield Amble, June 18
Long Eaton show, March 19

I still have bouts of exhaustion, this week in particular has been hard. But going and seeing Louis has kept me going 🙂

So from now on the lifecycle this blog will be about is the one with my horse….!