Last weekend’s Bake

I’m a bit behind at the moment, but I’m slowly catching up!

On Sunday 17th April I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw one of those ‘how to make…’ videos that seem to be very popular at the moment. This one was for stacked brownies so I watched it and thought ‘I want to eat one of those’. Sadly of course (?!) this means actually making a whole tray. What a shame!Read More »

Women’s Weekend at Bikepark Wales 9-10th Apr ’16

I’d been looking forward to this weekend as a bit of a panacea to the road riding that had taken up several weekends.

Essentially it was a weekend put on by Bikepark Wales with workshops, coaching and rides lead by Tracy Moseley. I have to admit I was a bit excited simply coz Tracy was going to be there, I’m a bit of a fan!Read More »