Catching up: I bought a new Bike!

After a couple of excellent years with my Trek Remedy, I finally gave in to the ‘oooo shiny’ and bought a new bike!Read More »


Catching up….September

I’m not very good at this blogging thing am I? Life has been moving pretty quick and I find that I’m not that keen on sitting at a computer after a day of it at work, although I have been trying – I have 5 draft posts…

With that in mind I’ve finally downloaded the blog app to my phone so I can write a bit of rubbish wherever I am!

We’re 7 days into September so there’s not masses to write about – except Mum was told on 1st Sept that she is clear of cancer! What amazing news that was! 😄

So that’s all for now, time to try and remember what I did over the last few months..

On…Health (Part 2)

Towards the end of last year I posted that I wasn’t doing so well.

I think I was still thinking that I could manage and maybe in a few days I would feel better.

Well sadly, although Christmas was good, I just got worse. To the point what was going on in my head was stopping me from riding my bike, and I just generally wasn’t functioning at all well. I was staying in bed until late on my days off work. I was eating rubbish. I was struggling to hold a conversation. I was miserable.Read More »