February rides

I didn’t do much riding last month as life admin and sinusitis got in the way.

4th Feb – Peak District, Ladybower Loop

Classic loop around Ladybower, from the Ladybower Inn, including quite a bit of hike-a-bike right at the beginning up the side of Win Hill, then down to the Rman Road, following on to BLAH up the slippy slab, over the moors, through the Nature Reserve. Took us ages because: I’m slow, Dave got chatty with the locals, Dave needs a new bike. It was a glorious day though.

First ride with the red Hello Kitty Buff 😀
Within 4 mins Dave had to stop to fix his bike
Waiting for Dave = photo opportunity
Panoramic from Win Hill
View from the handlebars down Win Hill
2nd Dave-fixing-bike stop


























18th Feb – Peak District, short but great loop

Started out from Hope, up the Roman Road, down to Jaggers Clough down to the road, then off up the side of Mam Tor and a hike-a-bike up the walkers path. Down and along to Hollins Cross and back via the slippiest descent into Castleton. Much quicker this week, and I actually felt ok despite recent lack of confidence.

Beginning of the Roman Road. One of those climbs that always makes you feel utterly rubbish on a bike.
Views oh yes
Obligatory Dave-fixing-bike photo
Hike-a-bike up Mam Tor 😀
Tom and Dave Mam Tor posing
Mam Tor Pano
We met up with a couple of rambling types while on Mam Tor
Dave and Tom far away, checking out the cliff drop.
The boys were off having a pee so I took a photo

I have 4 drafts waiting for me as usual, so I’ll be writing again soon.



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