Winter blues

I love winter. The colours of the trees as the change in seasons begins. Bluebird sky days. Crisp frosty mornings. Patterns of ice on water. Snow. I love snow!

Unfortunately I also dislike winter. The change of the clocks heralds dark mornings and evenings. I forget to go out at lunchtime because it’s grey and tipping it down with rain. Footpaths become treacherous because of the accumulation of dead leaves. I feel like all I want to do is eat and sleep. Exercise is anathema. Hibernation would be ideal.

This year I thought I might not feel this way due to the medication I’m on – it is commonly prescribed for SAD. It looks like I was wrong, so the SAD lamp has made a return on my work desk, and I’m now having to go to bed at 9pm to ensure I get the sleep I seem to need. I’ve had to scale back what cycling I’m doing as I’m constantly on the edge of exhaustion; doing a lot at the weekend negatively impacts my ability to cope the following week. This is frustrating as I had grand ideas about getting fit – I’ve got a number of things coming up that require better fitness.

So it’s back to basics – gentle exercise, eating right, get sleep, don’t push too hard – things will just have to wait. It’s disheartening, but hopefully it will pass soon. 

If you are finding the change in season difficult to adjust to I can recommend this article: Getting through winter SAD

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