On…Health (Part 1)

It’s been a tricky time for us.

On 18th December my Mum was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.

She announced it to me on Sunday 20th by saying “I have good news and bad news. The good news is I have breast cancer and I’m having an op to remove it on Tuesday. The bad news is Michael [stepdad] will be cooking Christmas dinner” This tells you a lot about my Mum, Michael, and me.

The op was a success and Mum had her first chemo session on February 18th. They then confirmed that it was stage 3.

Meanwhile Stu’s Dad went to the Drs in early January because something wasn’t right, and after a couple of tests it turned out he has bladder cancer. He’s had 2 ops to remove the cancer and the margins to increase his chances, with the results being that it is also stage 3, and is having chemo ‘washes’ as treatment.

Mum shaved her head on Mother’s day, and goes for her next chemo on Thursday (tomorrow!).

Peter is still recovering from his second op which was last week.

Our parents are getting on with it, and trying to stay positive.

The hardest thing I have found so far is that I can’t really give Mum the hug and kiss that I want to, as I don’t want to giver her any germs.

This is the hard facts of physical ill health that is suddenly part of our lives. I guess this is a bit of a catch-up post really, I haven’t had the time or the brain capacity to do any writing until now, and yet have so much to say. Hopefully getting the facts down will help me find a way to write again.

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