Catching up, challenges, achievements, missing mojo

When I started this blog I had this grand idea that I’d write a post for every ride I do. Well, I’ve been a bit busy, and a bit out of sorts (see here) so here’s a bit about what rides I’ve been doing.

Sunday 15th November – Cannock

Cast your mind back a few weeks and you may remember storm Abigail. It was pretty windy, but in the trees I noticed it was quite sheltered so it wasn’t so bad. Except for trying to get down from Low Cliff. Now the trees have gone there can be a pretty fierce head wind! Other than that it was pretty wet, but I had fun sliding around in the muck!

Saturday 21st November – Cannock

Frosty trails at Cannock

This was the coldest day of the autumn so far, but it was sunny. Plus it wasn’t quite so mucky, however some bits were a bit slippy thanks to the frost. I made some small improvements and felt stronger on this ride, so I was quite pleased.






Sunday 22nd November – from the front door


A massive stack of horse shoes

I planned to go with a local club for the first time, but because of riding on the Saturday I had quite tired legs and then the ride got cancelled, I think because of lack of people going. I think I should have committed to one of the other rides that was happening instead, but I’ll know for next time. So instead I went out with Stu, as mentioned my legs were tired and despite the wind not being bad (like it had been) I really noticed the difference it made. We went through Scarrington and found a big pile of horseshoes. We only did 35 miles but with tired legs that was enough!



Sunday 29th November – Cannock

This was the weekend of storm Clodagh, which closed the car park at Cannock. We decided to go anyway, and found a sneaky free carpark just up the road. It was a bit surreal riding along and there being barely anyone on the trails. Another very wet and mucky ride, again managed to maintain a decent pace (for me!) and got to re-do the same bits that I improved on last time, which means it wasn’t a fluke! I did however have a panic on the little rocky section called Harry, so Stu talked me through it. It’s annoying because I haven’t had a problem on there in a while. However I have noticed that I’ve definitely lost some of my mojo since the 2 crashes I had in the summer, I’m a lot less brave. I find this annoying. I’ll just have to keep riding and hope it comes back.

Sunday 6th December – from the front door

IMG_5906This time we decided to do our ride out to the Alpine Restaurant but backwards, with a bit tacked on the end to make it a bit longer. Being the other way round I found a couple of the hills a bit of a challenge, and had to use my inhaler for the first time in a while (since changing to a new medication). I also struggled a bit with the wind and got a seriously achey neck around the 30 mile point. However we did 54 miles! This makes it the longest ride I’ve ever done so something of a major achievement. I am starting to worry a bit about Flanders though, 88 miles suddenly seems a really long way!




Sunday 13th December – Local wood club ride

I’ve been meaning to go for a ride with NATS for a while now, and finally managed it! This was a bit of a personal challenge as I find meeting new people very scary and probably come across badly because I either don’t talk or talk too much. Hopefully I was neither this time! Anyway, this was a ride out from near Calverton in the woods. It was great fun, and it’s amazing what there is locally to ride. When I got back and showed Stu the route it turns out it was his old Wednesday night ride from being at Uni. The people from NATS were nice, and there was tea and cake at the end too! Hopefully I’ll get on another ride with them in January.

Sunday 20th December – from the front door

IMG_5992This was going to be a ride on Saturday with a road club, but that got cancelled, and I didn’t feel like going out with new people this weekend. Stu and I had a chat and we decided to do a CX ride, which I really enjoyed. The sun was out and despite the wind it was quite warm. However the wind did mean that we had to pedal downhill at one point! Still it was good to be out in the fresh air and we kept it short as we had some stuff to do in the afternoon.



And that was my last ride of the year. (for reasons that will be explained another time)

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