Cyclocross Sunday – 1st Nov 15

Today dawned…. well… actually it didn’t, super foggy in Nottingham today.

We went for another bimble about on the CX bikes. Turns out my legs were basically useless after yesterday’s ┬átrip to Cannock so we ended up taking it pretty easy, going along the river and up to Newton again but instead of looping round like last week through East Bridgford we came back to West Bridgford via the Nottingham-Grantham canal by making our way via Cropwell Bishop/Butler.

Spooky Newton Airfield
Canal side pause
View along the River Trent from Lady Bay Bridge

I obviously need to work on my strength/fitness. One ride round Cannock should not incapacitate me the next day! (Annoying as I haven’t been feeling too bad generally) Fortunately Greggs provided recovery sausage roll!

What I wore

Essentially the same as last week, but with a different pair of gloves and a buff in an attempt to protect my breathing. Asthma is a pain in the winter.

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