On… Making Excuses

Recently I caught myself saying to a friend ‘it’s not really depression, just a bit of low mood’. And at the time, maybe that’s what I felt. However looking back it feels like I was making an attempt to excuse what I had felt in the past (maybe I was having a good day). I read this Cycling Weekly article about Graeme Obree and depression this week and this stood out to me: “The World Health Organisation defines depression as: “a common mental disorder that presents with depressed moods, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy, and poor concentration.”” Read More »

On… Going Back

In February 2013 I packed my bags and moved from Nottingham to Milton Keynes for a job.

Fast forward to this year and I realised that I wasn’t all that happy in the job, and the thought of continuing endlessly in a long distance relationship was adding to a general feeling of misery.Read More »

A Challenge

This year I did the 71km Ronde Van Vlaanderen Cyclo, and as I crossed the finish line I said to my friend Chris “Can we do it again next year?” And so, yesterday, I signed up for the 127km version. I’m a bit nervous about getting fit for this, as it’s almost double the maximum […]